Fitting Room & Washing instructions

Measurements for Plus Size Menswear

Whatever shape or size a person is, clothing should not only look good; it should feel good too. There is no point wearing something just because it fits, if it doesn’t suit you. You shouldn’t have to compromise on what you wear just because of your size.

Likewise, you shouldn’t have to compromise on the fit. Biggmans aims to provide you with the best possible fit, some garments can be made bigger or longer, so that you can look and feel your best.

Plus size clothing indicative sizing

Listed below are some indicative sizes along with some specific sizings from some of our suits suppliers. Bear in mind that with the changes of plus size fashion cuts of garments, the size and fit of a particular item may not be the same as you are used to. Wherever possible, we will advise in the product description of a particular item so that you can make an informed choice about a garment.



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We have years of experience and invaluable knowledge about the garments we stock.  99% of the time we should be able to advise you which size, style or brand you should choose, so make sure you have some measurements on hand.
Here’s what to measure:

Take a shirt that fits you, lay the collar flat and measure from the centre of the button hole to the far end of the button. Or measure around your neck where a business or collared shirt would button up.

The tape should be around your chest at its largest point.  If you are measuring for suits and jackets it pays to measure over a shirt.

Measure around your midsection at its largest point.

Belt Line
Measure over a shirt only at the point where the trousers/pants are normally worn.

In Leg
Lay a pair of trousers flat and measure from the crotch seam to the bottom of the trouser leg.  If you can, find a pair of well fitting pants that are a similar style.   


Washing instructions


Cold Wash, Air Dry
Machine wash in cold water and lay flat to dry. This helps protect the life of the clothes and the shape of your gear.

Taking Care of Bright Colours
We suggest you:

1:Wash bright colours alone before you wear them
2:Continue washing bright coloured gear with similar colours
3:When wet, keep bright coloured gear away from other fabrics

We recommend:
1:Machine wash cold with similar fabrics
2:Avoid fabric softeners and abrasive fabrics/materials
3:Hang to dry (or tumble dry on low)